Digital Media And Broadcasting

The digital media and broadcasting market require unique computers that contain high-end video and audio capture solutions. At ACME Portable, we have the tools and the knowledge to build those highly specialized portable computers. With our portable video production units, you can connect multiple SDI cameras as live feeds and input/output video and audio while maintaining a small and lightweight package!

ACME can integrate industry-leading BlackMagic Design and AJA Video capture solutions into our portable all-in-one video production units. Users can easily connect up to 8x SDI video inputs and have a handy audio solution to back it up. Some units like the LiveStudio contain up to 4x Hot-swappable SSD bays for a total of 16 TB of removable onboard storage for extended recording sessions. The onboard live video production software also allows the user to quickly apply special effects, animated transitions, 3D virtual sets, subtitles and more!