Rugged Laptops

Because of its compact size and portable nature, laptops provide users with flexibility and freedom. They sacrifice some of the power that desktops provide for the luxury of freedom and convenience. However, consumer laptops are fragile and not built for harsh environments.

ACME's rugged laptops provide the convenience of laptops with the assurance of hazard protection. They are designed, tested, and certified to meet or even exceed MILSPEC standards. For example, our popular NotePAC III Pro V meets MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-901E standards. All ACME products are developed on 3D solid modeling systems optimized for direct interface with our manufacturing systems that allows rapid prototyping and manufacturing of customer-specific special components.

In addition to this, our rugged laptops also come with an optional add-on battery kit. This is an external attachment that hooks seamlessly onto the back of the system. The kit includes 6 81Whr batteries and allows the system to run solely on batteries for hours. With hot-swappable batteries, theoretically, the system can run extendedly without ever losing power.

ACME Portable pushes the limits of technology to provide convenience, power, and stability.

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