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Acme Portable Machines Inc. arbeitet mit zahlreichen Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt zusammen. Wir entwickeln maßgeschneiderte Lösungen, die zu den einzigartigen Anwendungen passen, für die unsere Partner erfolgreich sind. Unsere jahrelange Erfahrung ermöglicht es uns, kostengünstige Lösungen für Tausende von Unternehmen zu entwickeln. Wir arbeiten mit Ihnen in dem gesamten Prozess zusammen, vom Konzept bis hin zum Design. Anschließend werden die Produkte gründlich getestet, um sicherzustellen, dass sie marktreif sind.

Während wir über unsere Standardproduktlinie verfügen, bieten wir ausserdem auch Dienstleistungen zur Schaffung völlig einzigartiger Lösungen an. Unser talentiertes internes Designteam verfügt über das Fachwissen, um Ihre großen Ideen zum Leben zu erwecken. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute unter +49 (0) 721 570 453 0, um mit Ihrem einzigartigen System zu beginnen. Die folgenden Beispiele sind nur einige der Hunderte, die wir gebaut haben.

Customization Examples


This modified version of our DuraPAC comes integrated with two QuantumX modules. It has been designed for quick measurement service jobs in the field of monitoring, maintenance, calibration, fault investigation or quick analysis.

Getac V110 Docking Station

The V110 Docking Station has been built and tested to meet MIL-STD-810F requirements. Mount the docking station horizontally to make full use of the the laptop's full-sized keyboard or vertically to utilize the tablet mode. With triple RF (SMA) antenna pass-through and a 26-pin spring-loaded (pogo pin) connector, it is the perfect match for the Getac V110.

PXI System

This accessory builds on top of NI's 8-slot PXI chassis to integrate a monitor, keyboard, and touchpad. With an adjustable tilt for the LCD display and carrying handle for portability, you can actually attach our accessory to provide a complete portable PXI system.

Custom MegaPAC

The MegaPAC is one of our largest and yet most popular systems. Its larger form factor allows for more customizability and power. This custom unit is a redesigned version of the MegaPAC. The hinges on the side allow for attachable displays on the top, left, or right.

Customization Process

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What Is A Portable Computer?

Many of our customers need a high-performance computing solution that they can set and deploy on the field. In other words, they primarily require these three things:

  • Portability or mobility
  • High-performance
  • Configurability

The principal advantage of a portable computer versus a laptop or other mobile computing device is the use of standard motherboards or backplanes providing plug-in slots for add-in cards. This allows mission specific cards such as test, A/D, or communication protocol (IEEE-488, 1553) to be installed. Portable computers also provide for more disk storage by using standard 3-1/2″ drives and providing for multiple drives.

System Performance

Laptops are also extremely portable. However, there are a number of reasons why laptops cannot provide the necessary performance required by our customers.

Laptops cannot incorporate the necessary processors that many engineering workstations require. Memory storage, I/O options, and even RAM cap out at a certain point for laptops.

One primary feature of our portable computers is the hot swappable HDD/SSD for easy transfer, upgrade, and maintenance. Our NetPAC, for example, can provide 16TB of SSD storage.

Laptops may come with one Ethernet connection, a PCI slot, DVD Rom, and three USB ports. This limitation by laptops is a problem for many of our customers.

Finally, upgradeability is also lacking for laptops.

As a result, our portable computers are for people who need desktop-class performance in a compact construction.


It’s readily apparent why desktops computers are not portable. The wires from the keyboard, mouse, and speakers can become problematic. The monitor and the desktop must be carried separately.

Our portable computers packages all that in a complete solution. You simply “close” or the computer, and the clasps hold everything in place. Afterward, you can carry the computer using the handle to your destination or use one of our three transit cases. We even provide a special waterproof rolling case that fits in the overhead storage bins of planes.

Portable Computer Laptop Desktop

Where are our portable computers used?

Our portable computers are used in a multitude of industries across a broad spectrum. From the broadcasting market to the military market, we are an industry-leading manufacturing company that specializes in portable computers.

In broadcasting, our portable video production units are used to connect multiple SDI cameras as live feeds and input/output video and audio. For test and measurement, our systems can be deployed on the field with massive storage and high-speed write performance. For the military, our ruggedized portable computers are tested to meet the tough mil-spec standards.

Acme Portable can build and even customize systems to meet your demands. We work with you from concept to design to fit your uniqur applications.

Stainless steel display unit

Integrate Special Interfaces.

NetPAC Lite with military connectors

NetPAC Lite with military connectors

DuraPAC with special media interface

DuraPAC with HD-SDI video inputs

Customized unit with military connectors

Custom unit with military connectors


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